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Bristol Affinity Network – Vaccination Centre Update

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It is now 12 weeks since the Affinity network of practices made the decision to set up a local vaccination centre in the Greenway centre. It has been a monumental effort to get things up and running.  This week without vaccine has allowed us to pause and reflect on the achievements to date.

Setting up of the service has only been possible because of the sacrifices made by a large group of people. These include the staff doing overtime, members of the team squeezing things into their already busy days and the large body of volunteers. The clinic co-ordinators Bridget and Danielle have brilliantly set up and led 20 successful clinics in conjunction with the Southmead Development trust team at the Greenway Centre. Bristol city council have also supported the service. This has been led and co-ordinated by a dedicated team. An all-round team effort, Thank you

The volunteers have come from various sources whether that be the local communities, Greenway patient participation groups or Westbury Hockey club we are grateful to you all.

The temperature of the hall has been a big problem in the last few clinics but hopefully the milder weather that has arrived will stay. It’s such a dilemma weather to cancel a clinic for 1200 people and the challenges that would bring versus battling on. A big thank you to those that had the unpleasant experience of attending or working on those cold clinic days. Chapeau to those that stand outside and direct, support and care for those patients when they arrive

To date we have delivered 10,150 vaccines this includes 331 residents in care homes and 252 housebound patients. Of the first 10 cohorts of patients 45% have had their first dose across Affinity. The vaccine clinic has therefore delivered nearly 10,000 vaccines

We have exceeded the government targets to date and the uptake across the Cohorts are

  • Aged 80 +      96 % patients vaccinated
  • Aged 75-79 94 % patients vaccinated
  • Aged 70-74 90 % patients vaccinated
  • The Clinically extremely vulnerable (<70) 81 % vaccinated

Overall, that gives us coverage of 93 % of patients over 70 years old which is amazing. We however still have nearly 500 over 70’s who are unvaccinated and would urge you to come forward. We have had zero vaccine related incidents in the vaccine clinic, the vaccines are safe!

We are currently vaccinating Cohorts 5 (65-69) and Cohort 6 (<65 with moderate risk of complications from Covid). Please be patient you will be invited for a vaccine as soon as we can when you are invited please book your appointment

Thank you all for your ongoing support,

James Cross
Affinity Covid vaccine clinic lead