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Unless otherwise stated, all GP appointments are allotted 10 minutes. Appointments taking longer than this will obviously impact on other patients waiting for theirs. Please bear this in mind when you are with the doctor.

Booking an appointment with a GP

Here is a timetable showing when our GPs are due to hold a surgery. Half of our routine GP appointments are available to book online, up to a month ahead. Click here for online access details. Alternatively you will need to come into the surgery and talk to a Receptionist or give us a call. It is not possible to book appointments by email. If you have given us your mobile number, once you have made your appointment, you will be sent a reminder by text.

Routine GP appointments

We aim to give you a routine GP appointment within 14 days. Requests to see a specific GP within this time frame may necessitate a longer wait. Appointment slots for routine appointments are created no further than one month ahead.

Medically urgent GP appointments

Telephones lines open at 8:00am for morning and 3:00pm for afternoon ‘same day’ appointments. Please note that the Receptionist is under instruction from the GPs to take a note of the reason for the urgent appointment. If your appointment is an ‘extra’ at the end of a Doctor’s clinic, you will be allocated 5 minutes and should only discuss a single issue.

Express GP Clinics

These are held at least 3 times a week for brief, single-issue-focused appointments only and the Receptionist will request the reason for the appointment to ensure it can be handled safely within the limited time allocated.

Telephone consultations

If you do not need a face-to-face consultation with a Doctor, you can request a telephone call. Morning telephone slots are released daily at 8:00am and each GP has a set number of calls to make when they can, usually after morning surgery- we cannot specify a time. These slots get allocated quickly so if you wish to speak to a particular GP, we suggest you to call us early. Afternoon telephone slots are released at 1:00pm, for urgent matters only please.

The doctor will make no more than 2 attempts to contact you on the number you have given and if you miss the call, you will not be able to speak to a doctor that day.

Appointments Outside of Core Hours

Working within our current staffing capacity we are doing our best to ensure that you have access to additional appointments outside of these hours.  As a result you may be offered an early morning or evening appointment. If this is something you would prefer please ask about availability when booking an appointment.

Nurse/Healthcare Assistant appointments

It is not possible to book a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant appointment online due to the complexity and variety of treatments and procedures. If you need to see a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant, you should either call in or telephone for an appointment. The Receptionist will assess the length of time required and book an appropriate slot. The Nurses also have a telephone call facility that is available until noon.

Home visits

The home visit service is for patients who are too ill or infirm to travel, i.e those who are truly housebound. If a home visit is required, please phone before 10:00am giving full and clear contact details, current address (and home address if different) and the nature of the problem to help the doctor assess and plan appropriately. Often, a doctor will ring first to further assess the problem. Home visits normally take place after morning surgery or when time permits. Non-urgent visits may be postponed until the patient’s regular doctor is available.

Home visits are allocated according to workflow and time constraints and a choice of doctor cannot be made.

Extended hours

We offer ‘extended hours’ appointments for patients who find it difficult to attend during normal working hours. We are normally able to offer Nurse appointments until 7:00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, until 8:00pm on Wednesdays and from 7:30am on Fridays. GP appointments are available until 8pm on Wednesday evenings. We also offer Nurse and GP appointments on the third Saturday of each month between 9:00am and midday. If we cannot find a suitable slot for you in our appointment diary, we can look to see if there is an evening or Saturday appointment available at another local GP surgery (which will have access to your medical records).


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.