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Clinics & services

Antenatal clinic

The Community Midwife holds a booking Clinic at Southmead Health Centre (tel: 0117 414 6743).

If you have had a positive pregnancy test and are happy to continue with the pregnancy:

  • Contact the receptionist and notify the practice of your name, address and the date of your last menstrual period.
  • Collect a pregnancy information pack.
  • Ring the midwives at Southmead Health Centre (tel: 0117 414 6743) as early as possible to arrange an appointment, discuss health in early pregnancy and plan the rest of the pregnancy.

If you have any concerns about your pregnancy or significant past health problems please make an appointment to discuss these with a doctor.

Asthma clinic/COPD

We can offer advice on how to manage your condition and advise treatment accordingly. We encourage annual attendance at the clinic to monitor your condition. Please make sure reception know that you wish to book for this clinic so they can allocate the correct amount of time.

External link: http://www.asthma.org.uk

The Triple A Test

Completing the Triple A Test and taking steps to reduce the risk of what could be a fatal asthma attack is one way that people with asthma can keep themselves well and out of hospital. Try this test.

Cervical smears

All women between 25-65yrs are included in the recall system and will receive letters inviting them to attend for a smear test every 3-5 years.

Patients aged 25-48 yrs are recalled every three years and those patients 49 yrs onwards are recalled every 5 years as per government guidelines.

The smears are normally undertaken by the Practice nurse by appointment. Test results are sent to the patients’ home address and can take up to 8 weeks.

Cervical cancer can often be prevented. Cervical screening is not a test for diagnosing cervical cancer but to look for early warning signs of change. For many women the test results show that everything is fine. For 1 in 10 women, the test shows changes in cells that can be caused by many things. Most of these changes will not lead to cancer but may require further investigation.

More information is available here.

Coil and implant service

Dr Janssen provides both coil and implant appointments on Tuesdays at 3:20pm; Dr Chapman provides coil appointments on Thursdays at 8:50am.

There is usually a waiting list for these appointments, so please ask to speak to the Reception Manager who co-ordinates this list and will arrange your appointment.

Due to continuing high demand, an extra session is being provided each month. The dates for these additional sessions will be advertised when they have been organised.


The practice nurses and GP’s provide a full range of contraceptive services.

The nurses see most women who require the contraceptive pill and long acting contraceptives including the Depo injection. Intrauterine devices (coils) are very popular and can be either copper (IUCD) or hormone (IUS) based. They are fitted by appointment with Drs Chapman and Janssen. For further advice on any of these methods please book an appointment with the doctors or nurses for discussion.

We refer elsewhere for vasectomies and sterilization and this can be arranged through your GP. For further advice on family planning see www.fpa.org.uk

Emergency contraception

Please visit your local pharmacist or book an appointment with a nurse or doctor through reception, advising them that you need an urgent appointment to be seen that day.

Coronary heart disease

Practice nurses Susan Sanders, Emma Reid and Rosie Carpenter manage patients with heart disease who have been referred by their Doctor.

This involves being invited for an annual review of lifestyle, blood pressure, urine testing and blood tests. We will also review your medicines, check that blood test results are satisfactory and make any appropriate changes to your care.

Diabetes clinic

Practice nurses Susan Sanders, Emma Reid and Rosie Carpenter run the diabetic clinic.

Care for type 2 Diabetes is offered on a six monthly basis, or more frequently as necessary, to pick up any health problems that may develop. An important part of this is continuing lifestyle advice, blood pressure, urine testing, care of feet and eyes and blood tests for renal function, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Newly diagnosed diabetics see the Dietician although this no longer takes place within the practice premises. Advice is also given about medication for the treatment of diabetes – tablets and insulin.

We ask that blood tests are performed twelve days before the six monthly reviews with the Diabetes Nurse/Doctor.

External link: http://www.diabetes.org.uk

GP care

GP Care is a company formed by GPs across Bristol in 2007 to provide a range of services both NHS and private. At Fallodon Way we participate in a private minor surgery service for patients with minor skin lesions (moles, lumps and cysts) not covered by NHS treatment criteria.

External link: http://www.gpcare.org.uk/site/home/


The practice runs a comprehensive infant and pre-school immunisation programme. The sessions are held on Monday afternoons by appointment only.

Please phone the appointment line 0117 9620652/9624692 and pre-book.

Parents are automatically informed when their child is due for their next injection.

Please note that unless there is a valid reason, we advise that all children should have the complete course of recommended immunisations. If your child is not immunised, then as well as a risk to themselves, they may pose a risk to other children as they may be a carrier for these diseases.

13-14yr olds will be invited to attend for teenage boosters to complete the childhood immunisation programme.

Travel Vaccinations

The surgery offers appointments with the practice nurse for patients who require travel health information and vaccinations.

It is essential that prior to making the appointment you access www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk to obtain travel health advice. This should be brought to the appointment. Wherever possible please book your appointment 8 weeks before travel as some vaccinations require more than one dose with a gap of a number of weeks between doses. When booking an appointment do let the receptionists know so that they can allocate the correct amount of time.

Please note not all vaccines are available under NHS and there will be a charge for those that aren’t. Some vaccines are not available at this practice but we can advise if required.

Malaria medication is not available on NHS but the practice nurses can arrange a prescription privately.

Minor operations

Fallodon Way is fully equipped to perform minor surgical procedures and can offer both NHS and private appointments depending on the nature of the problem. The majority of the treatments are simple skin excisions or cyst removals.

We use electro cautery, cryo therapy and biopsy procedures in addition to traditional surgical cutting procedures.

In recent years Dr Stainer has also provided an NHS vasectomy service performing approximately 125 procedures per year for patients from the Bristol and Weston areas.

Weight management

In special circumstances a doctor or nurse may refer patients for short term weight management advice with Karen Thorne (Healthcare Assistant).