Fallodon Way Medical Centre

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Update on Planning Application – February 2021

Well it certainly took a long time, but finally, we have planning permission!

The permission allows us to build a two story building along the road (Fallodon Way) on the front of the existing building. The current “nurse wing” and subsequently the barrel roof building, will be demolished to permit the new build and to retain the same size of car-park.

You may wonder what the delay was all about. Well, we had to adjust the gable walls in order to have a “hipped” roof as the planners felt this was more in keeping with the area. We have also had to enter a legal agreement with the Council to fund yellow lines to be painted on the road outside of the medical centre and for trees to be planted elsewhere due to the fear that there will be insufficient room to replace the trees on site, once the building work is complete.

So are we ready to proceed with the build now?

Well……no. We still need to obtain NHS approval for the funding of the building programme. We had to have gained planning permission before the NHS would formally look at our request to build a new element to the building. This work is now proceeding, but it will still be some months before we are ready to proceed.

We will let you know when we are able to move forward to actually start the demolition and then the new build. Please bear with us a little longer………….