Research Studies




Here at Fallodon Way Medical Centre we support and take part in different medical research studies. Please see below for information on our current studies.


PRINCIPLE launches new treatment arm for colchicine

The PRINCIPLE trial has announced the launch of a new treatment arm investigating the anti-inflammatory drug, colchicine. It is the fifth medication to be investigated in PRINCIPLE.

The age eligibility criteria has also been expanded for this particular arm, with 18-64 year olds who either have shortness of breath as a result of Covid-19 – or have certain underlying conditions – able to take part. In addition, all people aged 65 or over with Covid-19 are eligible for this arm.

Visit the website


The Spironolactone for Adult Female Acne (SAFA) Research Study

The SAFA study is looking at the effectiveness of spironolactone for acne or spots by comparing two treatment groups: either spironolactone or placebo (dummy pill).

Spironolactone is currently used to treat high blood pressure, but it may also be effective as an acne treatment.

What’s this acne study all about?

This research study will include 434 adult women (aged 18 years or over). It is being run in dermatology centres across the UK (Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Epsom, Harrogate, Nottingham, Poole and Portsmouth).

We are currently recruiting participants – find out whether you’re eligible to take part.

What this study involves

If you are eligible to take part and you decide to join the study, you’ll attend 3 visits (when you start the study, at 6 weeks and 12 weeks) and take either spironolactone or a dummy pill for 24 weeks (6 months). Your first visit when you start the study will take place at the clinic in person. The visits at 6 weeks and 12 weeks can take place as virtual clinics.

You will stop taking the study tablets at 24 weeks and we will ask you to complete a questionnaire about how satisfied you were with the treatment and to asses if there was any improvement in your spots/acne. We will send you a final follow-up questionnaire 6 months or sooner after you stopped taking the study tablets. You may continue to use creams, gels or lotions for acne while in the study.

As a thank you for your participation, we will give you a £20 shopping voucher at your first clinic visit and a £10 shopping voucher at 6 weeks and 12 weeks.

If you are interested in taking part in the SAFA study (Spironolactone for Adult Female Acne), please visit the study website, where you will be able to refer yourself to the study.