Health Navigator 

Job title: Health Navigator 
Location: Fallodon Way Medical Centre
Accountable to: Reception Manager 
Liaises with: All medical and administrative staff

Job summary:Ensure patients can access the appropriate care at the right time and maximise clinical time. Skilfully use the resources to best meet patient demand.

Main duties of the job

Health Navigation involves daily face to face and telephone contact with patients, arranging of appointments and follow up of patient related tasks.

The aim of the role is to support and navigate patients to the most appropriate care for their needs.

You will help support administrative processes within the practice and take on additional administrative tasks as requested to support smooth and efficient workflow for the patient, clinical team and others involved in the healthcare of the patient.

You will ensure there is a safe and effective management of patient enquiries and patient related admin. This will include signposting and navigating to other services and liaising with patients on behalf of clinicians

Overview of your organisation

You would be working in an enthusiastic and friendly workplace, supported by other clinical and administrative teams/managers. The practice is both a training and a research practice of over 11,500 patients, with an informal and supportive culture, aiming to ensure a good work lie balance is maintained for all staff.

The Part Time hours are negotiable.

Main Responsibilities


  • To skilfully negotiate with patients to direct them to the right care or right clinician both on the phone and on the front desk.
  • To keep patient messaging consistent, professional and clear both on the phone and on the front desk.
  • To have a problem-solving mentality whilst maintaining excellent customer service skills both on the phone and on the front desk.
  • To utilise the signposting resources (i.e AccuRX, nurse matrix & community pharmacy matrix) available to maximise efficiency, to keep signposting standardised and clinically safe both on the phone and on the front desk.
  • To check incoming eConsults and signpost accordingly.
  • To maintain honesty and confidentiality both on the phone and on the front desk.
  • To maintain a welcoming attitude and greet patients whilst on the phone and on front desk.


  • To efficiently manage incoming workflow electronic or paper, in a timely manner, ensuring it is appropriately dealt with independently or by the right member of the practice team.
  • To regularly check and action e-mails, accuRx responses, EMIS tasks, docman tasks and website submissions.
  • To daily scan the incoming post and documents on to docman.
  • To daily action the prescriptions if prescriptions administrator is absent.


  • To use the appropriate EMIS slot type, allocated time & clinician.
  • Toggle between booking GP telephone and face to face appointments where necessary.
  • To maximise the clinical time by efficiently booking appointments and minimising gaps.
  • To ensure patients are being booked an appropriate QOF/vaccine appointment by checking the QOF prompt or consultation screen where necessary.
  • To ensure communication with patients regarding appointment demand and its fulfilment is consistent and in line with current practice direction and policy.
  • This job description is not a complete list of duties but is intended to give a general indication of the range of work undertaken. It will vary over time as demands and priorities within the Practice change. Significant changes in the range of work undertaken will be made only after discussion with the post holder.

Personal Specification 

Essential criteria

Customer Service/communication
  • Able to demonstrate a professional, polite welcoming customer service etiquette both in verbal and written communication.
  • Able to maintain good internal communication and handovers within the team. Providing constructive feedback when requested
Organisational Skills
  • Able to keep up with organisational changes and communications, reading emails and other communications each working day as well as taking on-board verbal communications.
  • Able to apply yourself when training is received and demonstrate the new skills gained.
Problem Solving

Able to demonstrate an independent attitude Able to take ownership of varying tasks and responsibilities with a can do attitude.

Able to use the materials & training provided (such as AccuRX ask me anything) to provide appropriate solutions to patient queries or problems.

IT Skills
  • Competent with IT relevant to the role Using IT effectively to manage your workload.
Flexibility & Teamworking
  • Willing to cover holiday shifts and sickness when the needs arise.
  • Maintaining a good teamworking attitude
The closing date for applications is 22nd March 2024.
If you would like to apply for the job, or you have any questions regarding the position please email our Reception Manager (