Dr Tom Smith will be leaving Fallodon Way Medical Centre on 1st July 2024, after 22 years at the practice. He says - 

"It has been a great privilege to work at Fallodon Way for the last two decades, and to serve this community. Thank you for your company! It has left me with many unforgettable encounters and experiences, for which I will always remain grateful. I am heading on to new challenges, but am leaving the practice in excellent hands, with colleagues I greatly admire.

Please continue to support the team, which nowadays includes dedicated physiotherapists, pharmacists, care-coordinators, nurse practitioners, social prescribers and mental health workers, each expert at their work.

General practice continues to be under enormous pressure, and strives to provide the best service it can with very restricted finance - £165 per patient per year. Please cherish this service, and seek to support it where you can - it is a fragile and precious resource.

I must be on my way. Very best wishes to all of you for whatever the future brings - 

Dr Tom "

Published: Jun 4, 2024